Neil Brand’s new espionage drama about weaponised narrative and conspiracy.

In London, Indira, a young medical school graduate, receives terrible news of the death of her parents and travels home to India to investigate.

At a New York conference Sophie, a brilliant young graduate, is accused of plagiarising a senior academic and finds herself caught up in a dangerous conspiracy.

And in Kiev, Ukrainian intelligence is using every A.I. weapon at its disposal to pinpoint a major source of Russian disinformation.

One name is behind all three stories, a person who seems to exist only in the world of disinformation – but who are they, and can they be stopped?

War of Words is an epic story of weaponised narrative, disinformation, conspiracy and paranoia in the style of Le Carre, taking the listener at breakneck speed around the world towards a deadly confrontation in Eastern Ukraine, whilst laying bare the facts about our contemporary world of fake news, data farming and political interference in all its detail.

Deeply embedded in today’s current affairs and conflicts, this drama continues to resonate with ongoing events in the real world and cyberspace up to the present day.