Broadcast in early 1992, The End Of The Roadshow was a short run of programmes recorded live at different British university venues.
The series was parodically set up as a parallel to the Radio 1 Roadshow, aiming to convert the student masses to the glories of Radio 4 (with appropriately altered jingles: “Across the UK: BBC Radio… four… FM!”

The contents were billed as consisting of “a shoddy competition, off-the-cuff repartee with the audience, a look at the problems of being young, and facts about the town we’re in”.
The hosts were Tony Hawkes, Neil Mullarkey and Nick Hancock, with Rebecca Front (or Regina Freedman in the first programme) in the role of correspondent ‘Ann Person’.

This was the first series written entirely by the now highly-successful partnership of Richard Herring and Stewart Lee; rather oddly in retrospect, the On The Hour ringmaster Armando Iannucci is credited as the writers’ “assistant” on this series.