Campaigning ecology journalist Andy Smith finds himself in the middle of a ruthless struggle for power. Thriller serial by John Fletcher.

  1. Tip-Off – Andy is an ecology journalist who finds himself receiving a curious tip-off about a gold raid.
  2. Mixed Up – Can ecology journalist Andy escape the impact of a big business take-over battle?
  3. Quiz – Can ecology journalist Andy Smith discover who is smuggling refined uranium out of Britain? Now he must quiz his former colleague, Nigel, about what goes on in Natural International …
  4. Danger – As the take-over battle intensifies, journalist Andy Smith finds himself in danger.
  5. Capture – As journalist Andy Smith discovers who is smuggling uranium, will he escape mortal danger?
  6. The End? – Ecology journalist Andy Smith is now entirely in Sir Jack Watson’s power – can he escape?

Starring Nick Chilvers, a thriller in six parts, taking in global power struggles, smuggling and the dangers of uranium, written by John Fletcher.

Andy … Nick Chilvers
Sir Jack … Conrad Phillips
Stanley … Nick Brimble
Anderson … Trevor Nichols
Anne … Caroline Blakiston
Shirley … Diane Fletcher

Directed by Brian Miller.