A pet’s eye view of the trials and tribulations of high office. Written by Tony Bagley.

Wilberforce – 1 The chief mouser to the Cabinet Office, 1973-1987, reflects on life with Margaret Thatcher
Humphrey – 2 The chief mouser to the Cabinet Office, 1989-1997, reflects on life with New Labour.
Sybil – 3 Talks from well-known, if unreliable, Downing Street cats.
Larry – 4 Larry, Chief Mouser to the Cabinet since 2011, explains life under a coalition government.

Bo and Barack – 1 President Obama’s dog Bo suffers an identity crisis.
Barney and George – 2 Barney reveals how George Bush broke his heart by being unfaithful with another man.
Buddy and Bill – 3 Bill Clinton’s dog Buddy relives his time in the White House with Socks the Cat.
Rex and Ron – 4 Ronald Reagan’s dog Rex reveals that he shared his master’s passion for acting.