Dramatisations from the stories of WS Gilbert, by Stephen Wyatt.

Series 2

  1. The Wedding March – Woodpecker Tapping’s wedding day is ruined when his horse destroys a lady’s hat.
  2. A Sensation Novel – Ebenezer Fudge’s literary characters come to life and critique his preposterous plots.
  3. A Colossal Idea – A retired grocer heads for Margate to become an author but all is not what it seems.
  4. Tom Cobb or Fortune’s Toy – Tale of a muddle over love and money.
  5. The Realm of Joy – A play causes such a scandal, that respectable Victorian theatre-goers can’t keep away.
    Series 1
  6. The Finger of Fate – Foggerty is a confirmed bachelor in search of peace and quiet, but fate has other plans.
  7. An Elixir of Love – A reverend uses a novel method of redistributing wealth, with dire consequences.
  8. The Burglar’s Story – The son of a housebreaker learns the hard way that there is no honour among thieves.
  9. Wide Awake – Eligible but gullible Harold Symperson needs to stay alert when looking for his soulmate.
  10. Mr Foster’s Good Fairy – Cyril Foster harbours dark secrets, but he is offered a way out in a most unlikely manner.