Comedians Chris Cantrill and Amy Gledhill, aka The Delightful Sausage, tackle big questions from the curious minds of little kids.

We kick off the series with an inventive question from Freddie. Amy and Chris learn all about Thomas Edison and find out the unsettling consequences of eating way too many boiled eggs. They also meet Nirmal, their BBC-appointed Expertologist.

Anna’s actually quite insulting question sends Chris and Amy on a quest to explore the world of accents. Nirmal bores on about some Pickle who saved World War Two and Amy embarks on a lucrative side-hustle in the Big Smoke. Warning: this episode contains severely regional vowel sounds!

A simply subterranean question from digger obsessed Kory forces Amy to relive a truly traumatic hen do whilst Chris gets locked into a Dad-Off for the ages! Nirmal is also present.

Animal lover Charlotte’s question is about a subject matter that Amy and Chris are uniquely qualified to talk about. No, not representing yourself in small claims court. That’s right, this episode is all about laughter.

Question asker-er Ivy poses a reyt Royal conundrum that sends Amy, Chris and Nirmal on the least enviable ‘business’ trip ever. Warning: you may want to put your cocoa to one side for the duration of this episode.

Chris’ son, Ben, asks the final question of the series which sends his old man spiralling. With a big promotion on the horizon, Amy’s ready to leave the low-brow world of sketch comedy behind. And finally, they have an excuse to fire up the BBC Radio 4 Chopper!