Alan Ayckbourn’s award-winning comedy classic, with a glittering cast directed by Martin Jarvis. Written and set in 1975. Before mobile phones. Devastatingly funny – marriage, partnerships, differences.

Elderly Ernest and Delia in their bedroom. Worrying over son Trevor’s relationship with ‘complex’ wife Susannah. Fish on toast in bed is a comfort.
Nick and Jan’s bedroom. Jan was once ‘destroyer’ Trevor’s girlfriend.
Malcolm and Kate’s bedroom. Tonight it’s a cloakroom for their housewarming party. Trevor arrives. Then wife Susannah. Blazing row. Jan appears. Complications.
Nick and Jan’s. Back at home Jan tells jealous Nick she and Trevor had a mutual snog.

Ernest and Delia’s. Doorbell. It’s crazy daughter-in-law Susannah.
Nick and Jan’s. Trevor’s ringing their bell.
Kate and Malcolm’s. Awaiting Trevor’s return, to sleep over.

Anything but a typical bedroom farce – though we hear about a range of sexual troubles. Is marriage sustained more by habit than mutual excitement? Or is there a certain blessedness? Ayckbourn’s play is moving, observant – and hugely funny.