From the much-loved and missed Terry Pratchett comes another Discworld story Unseen Academicals, this time satirising the sacred sport of football – now available in audiobook format.

This dramatised version features David Jason, Jon Culshaw, Mathew Horne, Josie Lawrence and Jaime Winstone, providing four and half hours of Discworld entertainment.

In the ancient city of Ankh-Morpork, the wizards of the Unseen University find themselves not only having to play football (the horror), but needing to win a match – without using magic.

The Big Match draws in four characters – a street urchin, a maker of jolly good pies, a dim but beautiful young woman, and the mysterious Mr Nutt – whose lives are entangled and changed forever. Because the thing about football – the important thing about football – is that it is not just about football.