Tracks: Origin

A plane crash.
A dead father.
A buried secret.
A passenger with a missing heart.

When Dr Helen Ash witnesses the brutal and disturbing crash of the plane that is carrying her father, the incident sets her on an investigation into a dark conspiracy. Florian Chauvin was flying to Wales to tell his daughter something important, but his plane fell out of the sky. In the aftermath of the crash, Helen discovers that one of the passengers doesn’t seem to have a heart.

What was Florian coming to tell Helen? Who was he travelling with? And why did his plane crash? A major conspiracy thriller about life, death and the human brain, starring Romola Garai. Tracks became the most successful drama series launched by Radio 4 in 2016.

Tracks: Strata – Snowdonia, 1980. It’s the dawn of a new decade, and the future is coming. But in the wilds of Snowdonia, the ancient history of the landscape is hard to escape. Rachel Turner is looking for fossils with her four-year-old son, Joe. But when a freak earthquake shakes the land beneath their feet, Joe vanishes. With the help of two locals, Rachel embarks on a desperate search to find her son. But as darkness descends, the secrets hidden in the ancient forests of the mountain are uncovered.

Tracks: Chimera – A tower block collapses in East London unexpectedly – hundreds of people are killed. The cause of the incident is unclear – was it a structural weakness, a bomb, or did something more strange happen? In the moments leading to the collapse five different people on five different floors attempted to phone the same person: Dr Helen Ash. Police investigating the building’s collapse are keen to know what connects Helen to the disaster. Helen has no idea. She didn’t know anyone there. Slowly, she begins to uncover the identities of the five people, unravel their motives, find how they connect to herself, and each other. As revelation follows revelation – accompanied by her friend and ally Freddy Fuller – Helen traces the tracks….

Tracks: Indigo – Dr Helen Ash is involved in a road accident. The return of the conspiracy thriller, starring Romola Garai and Jonathan Forbes. Written by Matthew Broughton.

Tracks: Abyss – The final series of the conspiracy thriller begins. Dr Helen Ash is coming to terms with the fact she has just 9 months to live, when she’s emailed a video of a boat mysteriously sinking in stormy seas. And the email is from her dead father.

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