Theseus, the boy-king of Eleuisis, is ritually preordained to die after one year of marriage to the sacred Queen, but he defies the Gods’ decree and claims his inheritance – the throne of Athens. His friends are the young men and maidens, slaves of the Gods, chosen for death in the Bull Dance. His fabled enemy is the monstrous, half-man, half-bull, Minotaur, devourer of sacrificial human flesh. In her classic re-creation of a myth so powerful that its impact has survived down the centuries, Mary Renault has brought to life the world of ancient Greece. For here is the true Atlantis legend, with its culmination in the terrible, fateful destruction of the great Labyrinth, the palace of the house of Minos.

by MARY RENAULT adapted for radio in 11 parts by MICHAEL BAKEWELL

Theseus: Gary Bond
the Queen of Eleusis: Frances Jeater
Amyntor: Alex Jennings
Pallans: Spencer Banks
Bias: Steve Hodson
Kerkyon: David Peart
Hypsenor: Richard Bates
Xanthos: John Livesey
pylas: Philip Sully
Priestess: Fiona Walker
Old priestess: Carole Boyd
Girl: Pauline Siddle