Radio adaptation of the stories by EW Hornung.

Series 1
The Ides of March 1/6 Bunny Manders makes his first acquaintance with the amateur cracksman and cricketer.
Gentlemen and Players 2/6 Bunny Manders is roped into a cricket match, but could detectives be on their trail?
A Costume Piece 3/6 What starts as a low-key stakeout turns into a terrifying scramble for survival.
Nine Points of the Law 4/6 Bunny is forced to extemporise when the theft of a valuable painting seems to go wrong.
Wilful Murder 5/6 The gentleman thief wants to try a different crime – to do away with a pawnbroker.
The Chest of Silver 6/6 The gentleman thief shows his accomplice how an inside job at a bank is really done.

Series 2
The Rest Cure 1/6 Mixing work with pleasure, the gentleman thief invites Bunny to take a break.
The Criminologists’ Club 2/6 Bunny joins the gentleman thief for some fun at the expense of a group of amateur sleuths.
The Field of Philippi 3/6 The cricket-loving gentleman thief sets out to settle old scores at his school reunion.
A Bad Night 4/6 Planning revenge by robbery, the gentleman thief is called on to bat for England.
A Trap to Catch a Cracksman 5/6 When a prize fighter claims his trophy room is impregnable, the thief seizes the challenge
The Gift of the Emperor 6/6 The gentleman thief plans the theft of a valuable pearl, but will he live to regret it?

Series 3
No Sinecure 1/6 Facing life without his partner-in-crime, Bunny’s newspaper sparks a surprise.
To Catch a Thief 2/6 A series of jewel robberies have been carried out, but for once Raffles is not the culprit
An Old Flame 3/6 The gentleman thief has many adversaries, but none as formidable as Jacques Saillaid.
The Raffles Relics 4/6 The gentleman thief decides to re-equip in an unconventional manner, then joins a manhunt.
The Knees of the Gods 5/6 As if life wasn’t perilous enough, Raffles and Bunny join the army and head for Africa.
The Last Word 6/6 War-scarred Bunny returns to London, determined to restore his friend’s reputation.

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