All 18 episodes of the police procedural featuring the Glaswegian cops of P Division.

Glasgow’s finest are on the case in these thrilling radio adaptations, based on the books by Peter Turnbull.

In the four-part serial Condition Purple, a murdered prostitute is found in the heart of Glasgow’s prosperous business quarter. Could a tattoo on her body hold the key to finding her killer? In Two Way Cut, another four-parter, a headless body without a speck of blood on it has the cops puzzled – and who was the strange figure that PC Hamilton saw running along by the canal?

Series 1 of Code Four One sees a skeleton found on a building site in ‘The Bonepit’, while in ‘The Ladder’, a wealthy couple disappears, believed murdered – but where are the bodies? And in the tense two-parter ‘Long Pig/The Torchman’, a brutal crime is linked to other murders, and a psychological profiler is called in to help find the serial killer.

Series 2 of Code Four One opens with ‘McInroy’s Point’, in which a policewoman is suspected of killing her own mother. A seeming suicide puts the police on the trail of a cult in ‘Suffer the Children’, and a young woman is found strangled in ‘Kissogram’. In ‘Secret Affair’, a murder in a rock band raises old nightmares for DS Sussock; in ‘The Good Thief’, a well-known TV personality is killed during a burglary; and in ‘Hooked’, when a pillar of the community is found dead in his office, P Division uncover his sordid past.

Dramatised by Stephen Mulrine, this gritty, atmospheric series stars Martin Cochrane and Crawford Logan as DI Fabian Donoghue, Ralph Riach and Jake D’Arcy as DS Ray Sussock, Frank Gallagher as DC Malcolm Montgomery, Andrew Conlan as DC Tony Abernethy, Martin McCardie as PC Phil Hamilton, and Ann Louise Ross and Eliza Langland as WPC Elka Willems.

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