Adding to the rich collection of Doctor Who stories, Big Finish have been creating monthly full-cast audio adventures – starring one of the original actors to play the Doctor – since 1999 (helping fill the hiatus between the classic series and the new series.) These stories are imaginative and well crafted – with new enemies and threats as well as the well known existing foes such as Cybermen and Daleks.

The Doctor Who – Monthly Adventures series are full-cast audiobook dramas, featuring the 5th, 6th and 7th Doctors. The 8th Doctor also did a number of the monthly adventures (this collection is sometimes referred to as his first “season”) before having his own series (Eighth Doctor Adventures, Dark Eyes, Doom Coalition etc.)

The stories are cleverly woven into the existing timelines for these Doctors – with original companions returning, as well as some new companions fitting in between televised adventures.

I found first the year or so had a few minor sound balance (and episode length) issues, but the stories were still top notch, and subsequent seasons showed the team maturing into a pattern of excellent dramas.