Beyond the Doctor was a Doctor Who spin-off audio series produced by BBC Audio. It starred companions and their adventures after travelling with the Doctor.

Bessie Come Home – Stephanie Cole reads a brand-new story featuring the Doctor’s trusty car, Bessie. It’s been many years since a certain yellow Edwardian roadster was a key member of personnel at UNIT. As the Doctor’s personal transport, Bessie was on the spot for many of his Earthbound adventures. Those were the glory days, when Bessie stood side by side with the Doctor, the Brigadier, Captain Yates and a parade of plucky young assistants. Yet Bessie’s remarkable life began decades earlier, at the dawn of a new century, and it has continued beyond the UNIT years. Indomitably she lives to tell the tale, and is only too keen to do so. Thankfully her new owner, kind Mr Foreman, has time enough to listen to her story. But a serpent lurks in the shadows of the scrapyard. Someone else would like to acquire Bessie – seemingly at any price. After all, she holds a great deal of information about the Doctor…. Stephanie Cole brings Bessie to life in this intriguing and heartwarming tale from Paul Magrs (The Nest Cottage Adventures, The Winged Coven, The Thing from the Sea).

The Kairos Ring – Steven Pacey reads a brand new original adventure for the Doctor’s former companion, Romana. Residing on the threshold of E-Space with the Tharil Laszlo, Romana is on the trail of a terrible enemy. Allies of the enslaved, the duo ride the Time Winds in search of the desperate Sluagh. Meanwhile, on a bloody American Civil War battlefield, young soldier Joshua is haunted by spectres: pale, vicious-looking aliens who prey upon the dead to raise an army of living corpses. With the fabled Kairos Ring they can carve portals into other dimensions – and, by accident, Joshua is blown through one of them. United with Romana and Laszlo against the dreadful Sluagh, Joshua finds himself catapulted into a strange new world of learning. But one secret is waiting to catch up with him… Stephen Gallagher, who wrote Romana’s final Doctor Who TV story, Warriors’ Gate, now reveals her exciting adventures Beyond the Doctor.