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David Attenborough reads from his history of the natural world and takes us back 4 billion years to the very first living creatures to have existed on our precious planet.

It is just over 40 years since David Attenborough’s landmark television series, Life on Earth aired on the BBC. To celebrate the publication of the book that accompanied the programmes, David Attenborough has revisited and updated the original text, taking a new generation of readers and listeners on an extraordinary journey through the evolution of life on earth. From evidence of the earliest spark of life we will go on to take in a vast array of living creatures. In the seas there will be encounters with the octopus and the shark, and in the skies the birds. In the forests we’ll discover gorillas, and on the plains zebras and lions. Finally, we’ll meet ourselves, humankind.

Track Listing

  1. 01 – The Infinite Variety (10Mb)
  2. 02 – Building Bodies (9.7Mb)
  3. 03 – The Swarming Hordes (9.4Mb)
  4. 04 – The Conquest of the Waters (9.2Mb)
  5. 05 – A Watertight Skin (9.6Mb)
  6. 06 – Lords of the Air (9.4Mb)
  7. 07 – Eggs Pouches and Placentas (9.8Mb)
  8. 08 – The Hunters and the Hunted (9.3Mb)
  9. 09 – A Life in the Trees (9.3Mb)
  10. 10 – The Compulsive Communicators (10.3Mb)