Winter of the Wolf Moon (2000)
Read by Nick Sullivan

Sequel to Hamilton’s award-winning first novel (A Cold Day in Paradise), the story returns us to the small town of Paradise, Michigan where ex-Detroit police detective & reluctant private investigator, Alex McKnight, rents out small cabins to snowmobilers & tried to bury his demons under the snow he plows each day.

Alex is content with his low-key existence, until a young Native American woman asks for his help – ostensibly to escape an abusive lover – & then disappears without a trace from one of his cabins. Feeling responsible, Alex begins a frantic search, swatting away his self-appointed “partner” – the town’s favorite fool – until the man surprises him. It’s a search that leads to encounters with a variety of unsavory types, each with his own agenda, & to some extremely unpleasant discoveries by McKnight himself as he forcibly learns that criminal sadism knows no geographic boundaries & that the motives of both good & evil people can lead to disaster.

Hamilton’s crisp, evocative style & refreshingly genuine cast of characters cements his place among today’s most talented crime fiction writers. And his uniquely atmospheric rendering of place – especially the relentlessly frigid winter of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula – will send a palpable shiver down the listener’s spine. Listeners will want to bundle up & settle in.