A man mysteriously disappears from a liner as it approaches England. Chris Boucher’s serial stars Patrick Mower.

  1. Did He Fall? – Or…As the ocean liner Carthena, sails to Southampton, a passenger walks on the dark deck, not knowing his death is only seconds away. It’s a death which will set in motion a criminal investigation stretching from England to Australia.
  2. Hostile Witness – DC ‘Birdie’ Partridge has an amateur sidekick. But is she potentially the next victim?
  3. Unofficial Investigations – Ruth Cobb ‘s brother has died in mysterious circumstances while on a sea voyage from Australia to England. Despite being ordered not to, ‘Birdie’ and DS Dunne keep investigating. Meanwhile Ruth is making her own enquiries and is facing danger….
  4. Mistaken Identity – Stuart Cobb died in strange circumstances. So too did Terri Seldon, a girlfriend of his. Now his sister Ruth makes a big mistake by visiting the scene of her murder…
  5. The Ends Justify the Means? – After the kidnapping of Ruth Cobb, DC ‘Birdie’ Partridge gets an unexpected ally. – But an ever bigger surprise is still to come…

Patrick Mower stars as Southampton Detective Constable ‘Birdie’ Partridge.
Chris Boucher’s vintage crime serial in five parts

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